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Kavita's Artwork

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Dr. Kavita Basavaraju (Dr. Kavita Raju) is a School/Clinical Psychologist who has a part-time Psychology private practice.

She has always had an interest in art and has been painting part-time since 2005. She originally studied how to paint in oils under the guidance of her gifted teacher, Carla Re, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. Carla taught her techniques on how to paint in the style of the great Masters such as Degas, Gauguin, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, etc. She has replicated many paintings by these artists which are displayed in her home.

She has been painting at home and at the Artist's Studio in Chelsea Manor in Muttontown, NY, under the guidance of Steve Lampasona since 2017. 

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An Inside Look

My paintings are inspired by my love of travel, dance, nature and the works of the great Masters such as Renoir, Picasso, Gauguin, Degas, Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Da Vinci, Vermeer, etc.

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Melania Trump
"Lavender By The Bay"
"The Magical Waters of Lake Bled"
Autumn in Central Park
Snowstorm during the pandemic 2020
"The Magical Beach"
"Step Into Nirvana" Banff, Canada
"The Beauty of Bellagio"
"Tranquility and Serenity"
"Magnificent Icebergs" - Lake Jokulsarlon, Iceland
"Tranquility" - Akuyreyri, Iceland
"Magnificent Tulips" - I loved strolling through these beautiful Keukenhof gardens
"The Colorful Streets of Crete"
"The Doors and Windows of Crete"
"A Cafe in Crete"
"A Street In Crete"
"Mysterious Clouds" - Berne, Switzerland
"Waterfall of the Gods" - Godafoss Falls, Iceland
"The Vibrant Colors of Burano"
"The Dynamic Colors of Burano"
"Tranquil Waters" - Sfinari, Crete
"Springtime in Alberobello"
"Mesmerizing Scenery"
"The Mysterious Castle" - Castel Del Monte
Homage to Behrens - "Lake Como"
Autumn colors - Planting Fields Arboretum - Old Brookville
Grand Teton National Park
"The Mystery of Hummingbirds"
"Magnificent Creatures"
"Ruby and Siena"
"I'm Hungry"
"Gouldian Finch"
"Orange Rose"
"Stargazer Lilies"
"Beauty and Purity"
"Dancer in Burgundy"- SOLD
"Dancer in Red" - framed
"Dancer in Blue"- SOLD
"Dancer In Pink"
"The Beauty of Movement"
"Dancer in Multi-Colored Dress"
'"Elegant Dancer"
Dancer in Orange-Red Dress
Dancer in Light Blue Dress
Dancer in Orange Dress
Dancer in Burgundy Dress 2
Dancer in Green Dress
"Dancer Tying Shoe"
Dancer in Royal Blue Dress
Dancer in Purple Dress
Beauty and Elegance
Dancer in Malta
Replica of a Mark Spain painting - Tango Argentina II
Replica of a Mark Spain painting
Homage to Willem Haenraets - "Tango Argentina I"
Homage to Mark Spain - "Bolero"
Homage to Mark Spain "Flamenco"
Homage To Degas - "The Dance Examination"
Homage To Degas - "Dancer"
Homage To Degas - "The Dancers"
Homage To Degas - "Blue Dancers"
Homage To Degas - "Harlequin and Columbine"
Homage To Degas - "Ballet Dancers on the Stage"
Homage To Degas - "Dancers in the Wings"
Homage To Degas - "Seated Dancer"
Homage To Degas - "Dancers, Pink and Green"
Homage To Degas - "Dancer in Green Tutu"
"Dancer In Pink" - after Degas
Homage To Degas - "Ballet Dancers"
Homage To Degas - "Blue Dancers"
Homage to Degas - "Dancer in her Dressing Room"
Homage To Degas - "Cafe Concert at Les Ambassadeurs"
Homage To Degas - "The Rehearsal of The Ballet Onstage"
"Seated Dancer Holding Hair"
Homage To Vermeer - "Girl With a Red Hat"
Homage To Vermeer - "Girl With A Pearl Earring"
Homage To Vermeer - "The Lace Maker'
Homage To Vermeer - "Young Woman With a Water Jug"
Homage to Gauguin - "Woman Holding A Fruit"
Homage To Gauguin - "Ia Orana Maria" - "Hail Mary"
Homage To Gauguin - "The Siesta"
Homage To Gauguin - "Day of the God"
Homage To Gauguin - "Nave, Nave, Moe"
Homage To Gauguin - "The Conversation"
Homage to Gauguin - "Under the Pandanus"
Homage To Renoir - "Girl With A Guitar'
Homage to Renoir - "Two Girls Reading"
Homage To Renoir - "Dance In The City"
Homage To Renoir - "Dance at Bougival"
Homage to Renoir - "The Luncheon of the Boating Party"
Homage to Renoir - "Girl With a Fan"
Homage to Renoir - Marie Therese
Homage To Monet - "Water Lilies'
Homage to Monet - "Woman With a Parasol"
Homage to Manet - "La Seine a Argenteuil"
Homage to Monet - "Terasse a Saint-Adresse"
Homage to Monet - "The Waterlily Pond With the Japanese Bridge"
Homage to Rousseau
Homage To Rousseau - "Tiger In A Tropical Storm"
Homage to Da Vinci - "La Scapagliata" - Female Head
Homage to Picasso - "The Lovers"
Tribute to Vettriano - "The Missing Man"
Homage to Vettriano - "The Singing Butler"
Tribute to Vettriano - "The Picnic Party"
Replica of a Tarkay
Homage to Van Gogh - "Cafe Terrace At Night"
Homage to Van Gogh - "Ladies of Arles"
Homage to Van Gogh - " Evening Stroll"
Homage to Van Gogh - "Thatched Cottages In Cordeville"
"Manju" - My brother as a toddler
Homage to Willem Haenraets - "Evening At The Bar II"
Homage to Willem Haenraets - "Rendezvous I"
Homage to Willem Haenraets - "Rendezvous II"
"All That Jazz" - SOLD
"Lady in Paris"
Cala Lilies
Dancer in Blue
Dancer in Pink Dress
Glass Blowing Tools

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"


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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries or commission requests please contact Kavita's artwork today. Prints of certain artwork can be purchased on:

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